Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of this site? Who is it aimed at?

A: I wanted to have a personal presence on the Internet that was not represented by some esoteric site name that people would lose the connection to.


Q: Did this site take long to design and build? Did it cost a lot? Do you make websites for money?

A: No. No, and Not as such… About an hour initially, but tweaks and alterations will go on all the time. More effort than money, but actually not even very much of that. However, it is always being asked; so yes, I can put up websites for a few people, depending on what you want.  Use The Email Form


Q: You seem to be advertising as well as simply ‘providing a contact point’. Why?

A: I know how to use lots of tools and services, but I won’t usually tell people about them, unless there is something in it for me. You may ask; “Isn’t that just being mean?” I don’t think so. If I bought a product, or service and supplied a company with profits by doing so, then why should I get nothing if I make another sale for them, by referring a new customer as result of a recommendation? Now THAT’S what I call mean!
The world is experiencing a sea-change and we need to be thinking about new ways to make trade work for all of us. At the moment and historically, it has been rather one-sided and change must occur.
Affiliate income is one way that I think this will happen. Before the widespread use of computers and the Internet, it would have been impossible for the average person, or small company to implement and manage such a system. However, that is no longer the case. When companies, big and small, see their competitors ‘pulling away’ from them in ‘the race’ they will begin to take notice and start offering affiliate programs, or fall behind and die. It isn’t rocket science and the research proves it; the best way to market anything to anyone is via someone you know and trust, rather than spending huge volumes of advertising capital, reaching people – strangers who essentially distrust the company by default. This isn’t (and never was IMHO) a very sensible alternative.
I really do think affiliation offers a partial solution to the huge unemployment issue we are beginning to see. If enough people ‘get it’, you’ll have a situation where most business is done by people selling things to other people that matter in their lives, rather than being induced to buy as a result of fancy adverts that often sell them things they don’t really want or need.

Q: Old site’s links – gone?

A: Yeah, like a ton of hack attempts, right after posting them.  No thanks.


Q: Can’t we post comments?

A: This function was being abused and so has been removed.  The reason for this site is announcements and contact.


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