Welcome to My Personal Homepage

This is where you will be able to find ways of contacting me and I’ll also post information and comments that I feel I wish to share.

Use ‘Message’ above to contact me.

You have probably arrived at this site, as a result of being handed a calling card, or maybe you have searched for me online.

The current trend is to use facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc, etc, but the way I see it, one has little, or no control over that ultimately. It should be noted that I am not applying a great degree of privacy control to this site either, so if you have something you wish to discuss, perhaps it it would be better to use the mail-form, or any of the other methods that I post on here.

There is always a balance between making it easy for ordinary people to get in touch and filtering those others out who often have an agenda – ie, spam.

Previous incarnations of this Contact Site used photos and text and to a degree, this will, but you’ll find more and more video being used.

One Response to “Welcome to My Personal Homepage”

  1. A Demo Reply says:

    Hi, Due to spammers attempting to paste-in comments that are code attempting to hack the site, comments have been disabled.
    Thank You.

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