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Do you trust your (any..) government and the media when they tell you that “green shoots” are appearing, with respect to the state of the world economy?  “Unemployment is down!”  Try telling that to a young person who has been turned down every time they ever tried looking for a job.  They went to university and college and studied hard, but the street is all that is on offer.

Come to think of it, why don’t you splash out on a new car, or a holiday or two, or maybe have that extra extension built on the house – use your own money, who needs credit right – you’ve got plenty to splash around?

If you do believe the hype, then relax, feel safe, reassured and be happy – this post is not for you.

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Otherwise, you will need to be thinking about ways in which your money, your savings, especially, can be protected. In the era that had become the norm since before the 1970s, financial ‘experts’ succeeded in convincing everybody that recessions were simply minor irritations that would pass very quickly, because new methods were in place to prevent them, or lessen their effect.

It should be (but I’m beginning to wonder…) quite obvious to you now, or becoming so, that your own commonsense understanding that one cannot borrow oneself out of debt, or become wealthy by borrowing is correct.


26 Nov 2014.  Let me take the opportunity to update you on the world’s current financial mess.  Major players are STILL massively in debt and it is now much worse than it was and like any debt, if you can’t pay it back it grows bigger even faster…  What?  You think that anyone can just take money and then not give it back without consequences?  We are talking trillions globally, you think that just ‘goes away’ all by itself?

The balloon that you are sitting on is now very distended indeed.  It sits between you and some extremely unpleasant, possibly not-survivable times.  Yes, I know, the new car, your daughter’s wedding, the widescreen TV, the nights down the pub with your mates – I get it.  You can be a ostrich, or you can act – your choice.

The people that could confirm this to you understand the real danger of doing so and why it must be absolutely avoided at all costs.  Am I at risk by telling you this?  Hell no!  Some stupid twat who thinks that the financial sky is falling and tries to tell the group he knows about it?  You think I’m a nutter, they would (if they even heard) think I’m a nutter who nobody will listen to!  The only loser will be you if you do nothing.

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Don’t go and spend all your money on gold – dumb idea – I’m not suggesting that, but how much could you afford to live on at present day rates?  How long would that last?  If the proverbial did hit the fan, how long would it be before you could get back to where you are now?  Could you?  Have you even thought about this stuff?

Oh and BTW, if it turns out that I really am deluded, then, er, well sell your gold?  Genius!


Without getting into lengthy economic and financially oriented discussions, you should realise that holding something that is universally regarded by the rest of humanity as valuable is a good bet.

Gold is that ‘something.’ Diamonds? Yes, but you need to know your diamonds, so as to avoid getting ripped off. The same goes for stocks and many other forms of investment, how well do you really know that niche?

Gold is simple, obvious and easy to test and trade – why do you think it was used as money for thousands of years? Click on the Bullion Vault banner, it will definitely be worth your time! You’ll learn all about why many people are now turning to man’s oldest form of money once more and of surprisingly easy ways that you can join in.

Look, I don’t actually give a rat’s ass if you do, or don’t  buy gold – it’s your life, you do what heck you want with it!  But as you probably know, I don’t make a habit of holding back helpful stuff from people that I know.

Paper money is really only ‘Funny Money’ – it is based on the trust that everyone has in the issuer(s) of those notes. For one thing, gold is a hedge against inflation. As with anything, one can speculate on gold, but its real value is in protection of whatever you might have in paper.

Several years ago, it would have been unthinkable that a superpower such as the U.S.A. could ever be in danger of defaulting on its debts. Many countries in Europe are also in trouble now, including the U.K. This sort of situation can lead to hyperinflation, if a country tries to print money, in order to extricate itself. It has happened before and can do so again. Moreover, when it does happen, it will be fast.

Consider this, if you had, say 10,000 in the bank (lucky you!) and inflation rose in the same way it has done historically, Germany and more recently Zimbabwe, then people won’t accept your ten thousand promissory notes at anything like their face value, anymore. The people who actually had barrow-loads of money to burn to keep warm were the lucky ones – imagine the options for ordinary people who usually find themselves with a zero balance at the end of the month…

Compare that to a situation where whatever you have in terms of gold will still trade at whatever the seemingly ridiculous figure happens to be, in a hyper-inflationary scenario.

Don’t waste time. The sooner you begin saving, the more protection you’ll have. Moreover, this is trading online, so the price is updated every ten seconds.

BullionVault now says you should get your money the next business day!  Even less risk to you (not that there was much to start with..)!

Now there is really no more reason to sit on the fence!  Stop sticking your head in the sand and start buying up some protection for you and a family, if you have one.  Nobody is saying that you should take ALL your savings and buy gold with them, the gold price fluctuates like any other, but a certain percentage is certainly prudent!  Act NOW!

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